Isla Carroll Turner

Friendship Trust


Congratulations on your award approval!  Once you have been approved for funding you will receive a letter of notification.  Please be aware the Isla Carroll Turner Friendship Trust is on a calendar tax year and because of this our approved charities are paid on a quarterly basis in most cases.  There is no defined payment schedule although it is in part determined by the charity’s tax year and when services will be rendered.  For example a camp scholarship program might be paid out of our April or June distribution when possible.   Should an emergency arise requiring the funding earlier in the year please contact our offices and speak with Patricia Stilley at 713-237-1117 extension 301.  She will make the Board Chair aware of the situation.

Once funding has been received, we require that a letter of receipt be sent to our offices confirming the date of receipt, check number, amount and purpose for our records. 

Once you receive your check we require a letter of confirmation of receipt of the check to include reference to the amount that was awarded, purpose and check number.  Once you receive your funding we require a letter of report to our offices within nine (9) months detailing the usage of the funds.  If they are overdue, you may not submit a request again until your report is provided.  The template of this required report can be found on our website under the Letter Template tab as “Report” this template is the bare minimum required by the Internal Revenue Service by a charity in reporting on usage of funds to a donor.  You may use a different format as long as it includes at least as much information as provided on this Template.  We do however; strongly encourage you to provide more detail on specific usage of the funds awarded.  You are welcome to provide more detail in your reporting but do not send a copy of your annual report in lieu of this specific reporting.  Please mail through conventional post your signed report, do not email it.

These are required.

Thank you and again, congratulations on your award.